5 tips for potty training girls

Fast or slow, let your daughter go with the flow.

2 min read

5 tips for potty training girls

Fast or slow, let your daughter go with the flow.

2 min read

There’s lots of theories about why girls might be quicker or easier to potty train than boys, from girls being more eager to please to being better able to sit still. As it turns out, the most important approach of course, is to treat her as an individual. Here’s what the experts suggest.

Our top 5 tips for potty training your daughter

1. Introduce her to training pants

Training pants such as Huggies® Pull-Ups® are specifically designed to help the move from nappies to real underwear. By wearing them, they signal a change for your daughter, and the learning features within Huggies® Pull-Ups® (the ‘feel-wet’ layer will help her understand it’s nice to be dry) will help her on her journey.

2. Watch for cues

Is she showing that she needs to use the loo by wriggling, clutching, hopping or dancing? Take this as an opportunity to put her on the potty.

3. Choose the best potty-friendly clothing

Skirts and dresses, or trousers and shorts with elasticated waists may be the most practical choices. Avoid tights and anything fiddly.

4. Lead by example

Take your little girl to visit the toilet with you or an older sister – take advantage of her natural curiosity and explain how everything works. Then try suggesting to your daughter that she can also teach a favourite teddy or toy how to use the loo by sitting it on the potty.

5. Get used to the potty

If she’s having problems or is fearful of getting on the potty, try sitting her on backwards as this might create a better sense of stability. Making potty time quiet time, reading books or watching something with you sitting nearby, may also help her relax more.

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