Potty training tips for boys

Keep an open mind and let your son start when he’s ready.

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Potty training tips for boys

Keep an open mind and let your son start when he’s ready.

2 min read

Rumour has it potty training girls is easier than boys. We found parents of boys to be more anxious about the process and even put it off. You might even wonder if potty training is different for boys and girls. In reality, when to start potty training boys depends more on your son and his level of readiness. Here are some tips from the experts.

Our top 7 tips for potty training your son

We’re not saying it’s going to be simple, but these potty training tips will help make it a whole bunch easier!

1. Introduce him to training pants

Training pants such as Huggies® Pull-Ups are specifically designed to help the move from nappies to real underwear. By wearing them, they signal a change for your son, and the learning features within Huggies® Pull-Ups® such as the ‘feel-wet’ layer which means he'll understand it’s nice to be dry, will also help him on his journey.

2. Watch for cues

Is he showing that he needs to use the loo by wriggling, clutching, hopping and dancing? Use this as your signal to put him on the potty.

3. Choose the best potty-friendly clothing

When potty training, stick to bottoms that are easy to get on and off, like jogging pants or trousers or shorts with elasticated waists.

4. Lead by example

Children love to imitate their older family members. Dads or older brothers could take him to the toilet to show how they do it. Then why not suggest to your son that he shows his current favourite teddy or toy how to use the toilet too?

5. Try some target practice

It might be easier to sit your boy down to wee to start with as this may also prompt him to poo if he needs to. But when he wants to wee standing up, something to aim at in the potty or toilet is a good ploy.

6. Start with sitting and then move to standing

Boys have a little more to figure when it comes to potty training than girls. Not only do they have to learn when to sit, they also have to learn when to stand as well. 

You should start by teaching your son to sit down first, as this covers all bases. Once they get the hang of it, progress them on to standing.

7. Buddy up

Do you have another parent who needs to potty train their boy? This is a great opportunity to buddy up and make the learning experience a team game. Children are often influenced by their peers, so pairing boys up to learn the skill together can encourage them both.

When to start potty training your boy

There is no perfect time to start potty training your boy, making it important to start when your son is most interested in learning, especially if he tends to be on the stubborn side. 

You may find that he’s ready before 18 months, but it can be much later than that. Some experts believe that boys will stay in nappies a little longer than girls, but this is subjective and completely depends on the individual child in question. 

Because keeping dry is kind of our thing

Staying dry—day and night—is kind of our thing. You could say we’re experts at it. Whether you’re looking for tips to help you potty train your little girl, or easing them through some uncomfortable constipation—we have all the advice you’ll ever need. 

Be the boss of potty training, with a little help from the experts at Huggies®.  

a boy wearing huggies pull-ups training pants as they help with potty training for boys

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