Six of the best potty training books

Experienced parents share the potty training books that helped them and their little ones

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Six of the best potty training books

Experienced parents share the potty training books that helped them and their little ones

4 min read

Reading on the loo is good for you!

There are potty training manuals aplenty. You can find help potty training for nearly everything. From when to start, to helping them find confidence to poo! But the books parents talked about most when we asked were the books to read with their child while they were sitting on the potty, waiting for that moment!

Finding a book that your little one relates to can help them to understand what’s going on inside their bodies. It can also help them understand that having an accident is ok.

Here are six tried-and-tested books handpicked by the real experts:

Potty training books for toddlers

front cover of the potty training book 'pirate polly’s potty' for toddlers

Pirate Polly’s Potty

By Andrea Pinnington and Melanie Williamson (Ladybird £6.99)

Ida, mum to Nathan, five and Jasmine, 20 months, says: “Even someone as empowered as a female pirate can have worries about using the potty. Jasmine follows the pictures while I read her the story. But BEST OF ALL - the book has a noisy button on the cover that she presses each time she has a successful go on the potty. Genius!”

Best for: kids who love praise

front cover of a potty training book titled 'i want my potty!'.

I Want My Potty

By Tony Ross (Andersen £6.99)

Nikki, mum to Leo, two, says: “This little Princess is a stroppy little madam – but even she must learn to use the toilet (after all, how can she be a pirate or go sledging if she’s still in nappies?). Turns out it’s not as easy, and an accident occurs. Two lessons learned – that everyone has accidents (even Princesses) and the potty should always be kept close by.”

Best for: when accidents happen

front cover of the book 'lulu's loo', a potty training book for toddlers

Lulu’s Loo

By Camilla Reid and Ailie Busby (Bloomsbury £7.19)

Louise, mum to Cleo, 22 months, says: “This is a clever book. It allows little ones to interact with it, touching the shiny new potty, helping Lulu to pull out the toilet paper, lift the toilet seat and do up her nappy. Before long, Lulu is sitting on the potty in every location she visits and moves on to wear ‘big girl knickers’. A very positive and affirming book.”

Best for: kids who like interactive books

front cover of the book 'who's in the loo?', a potty training book for toddlers

Who’s in the Loo?

By Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds (Andersen £6.99)

Ruth, mum to Elsie, six and Beau, two, says: “This laugh-out-loud book helped Beau understand that sometimes you need to wait for the loo. As the urge to ‘go’ isn’t always understood by a child when their brain is still developing, and he often needs a gentle nudge to stop playing and use the loo, this may help him understand how it’s good to have better control!”

Best for: putting the fun into potty training

front cover of the book 'time to pee!', a potty training book for toddlers

Time to Pee!

By Mo Willems (Hyperion Books £5.89)

Louise, mum to Tom, six and Sophie, two, says: “We loved the illustrations. An army of mice escort your child to ‘where you gotta go when you’ve gotta go’. There’s a line that says, ‘and everything will be right where it was’ which struck a chord for us – Tom was always too engrossed playing and would ignore that ‘funny feeling’, worried an interruption would ruin his games. It’s working for Sophie too as she likes to count the mice on every page.”

Best for: toddlers who don’t want their games interrupted

front cover of the book 'all aboard the toilet train', a potty training book for toddlers

All Aboard the Toilet Train

A Noisy Bing Book (HarperCollins £5)

Felicity, mum to Reuben, four, says: “Ru is a massive Bing fan, so this was a no-brainer for him, but it also came recommended from another friend with an autistic child. It’s more about going to the toilet, than the potty, which worked for us. It’s a really durable board book with fun sound effects and the language keeps it simple, which Ru needed.”

Best for: keeping it simple (& noisy!)

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