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Boys and girls have different absorbency needs, so Huggies® Pull-Ups® are designed to have absorbency where they need it most.


Say hello to Big Kid Pants!

No Big Kid wants a saggy old nappy holding them back. They've got places to go and a whole lot of learning and developing to do.

Unlike nappies, Pull-Ups® have unique features designed to help them at each stage of the Big Kid journey, giving them comfort and confidence when they need it most.

Happy boy wearing training pants

Smart design

The Pull-Ups® wetness indicator helps you keep your Big Kid comfortable and when you think they might be ready for potty training, it helps you to introduce the idea of using the potty.

Learning features

The unique 'feel wet' layer in Pull-Ups® day-time training pants helps Big Kids 'know when they need to go'. As they become more independent, flexible sides make it easier for them to pull them up and down - just like real underwear.

Pull-Ups Cinderella training pants

Fun Disney© graphics

Pull-Ups® are designed to fit and feel like real underwear and feature fun Disney© graphics so your Big Kid looks as good as they feel.

Why Pull-Ups®?

  • Pull-Ups® are designed for easy potty training with a temporary 'feel-wet' layer to help Big Kids learn wet from dry and stretchy sides so children can pull pants up and down without help.
  • Unlike nappies, Pull-Ups® are designed to look and feel like real underwear with Disney© graphics Big Kids will love.

For every step of your parenting journey.