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We're no longer selling Huggies® nappies in the UK or Ireland (click here to read more), but don't worry!  You'll still be able to enjoy our fantastic range of Huggies® Wipes, Little Swimmers® swim nappies, Pull-Ups® potty training pants and DryNites® pyjama pants and bedmats. Why not visit our sister sites,  www.pottytraining.co.uk www.huggieswipes.co.uk www.littleswimmers.co.uk  or   www.drynites.co.uk for useful tips and information.

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NEW Huggies® Wipes ensure your baby has wonderfully clean, healthy skin. Made with natural fibres,  they're super soft and mightly absorbent meaning you use fewer wipes for a great clean.

Little Swimmers®

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When you're having fun in the water, you don't want to be worrying about little accidents. Little Swimmers® are our fabulous swim nappies specially designed to offer maximum protection without swelling up.

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Huggies® Pull-Ups® New Learning Pants have special features to help manage little accidents and teach toddlers all about staying dry, making potty training easier. Visit the  Pull-Ups® website and request your free sample.

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Did you know that up to 1 in 10 children wet the bed? DryNites are special, discrete pyjama pants designed to help parents sensitively tackle this stage in their child's development.

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