Potty training on holiday? Easy!

9 ways to keep to a potty training routine when you’re away from home.

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Potty training on holiday? Easy!

9 ways to keep to a potty training routine when you’re away from home.

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Holidays are a great time for potty training!

All the excitement and unfamiliarity of going on holiday may make you assume that potty training will have to take a back seat until you get home. But think again! These tips will make sure your routines don’t have to be disrupted and you can still stay on track.

Tip #1. Consistency

Keep your routine as familiar as possible, regardless of your new and changing environment.

Tip #2. Practice

Before you go, experiment going to the loo in a variety of places, so your child gets used to trying new toilets.

Tip #3. Breaks

Take frequent toilet breaks if you are driving long distances or queuing at the airport. Keep checking to see if your child needs to go. Keep reminding them that they can still use the potty whenever they need to, regardless of the fact they are in a car or out and about.

Tip #4. Liquids

Make a note of how much and when they are drinking so you can start predicting when they may need to go. But don’t limit what they drink, especially if you’re somewhere hot.

Tip #5. Preparation

Be overly prepared for accidents. Holiday excitement means that they may leave it too late to make it to the loo on time, even if they’re usually dry at home. Bring plenty of spare clothes on your trip (don’t forget spare socks and shoes too) – and disposable bags. Check your holiday accommodation has easy laundry facilities.

Tip #6. Travel potty

If you’re going away somewhere new and you’re unsure of where and what toilets will be like, buy a travel potty. They’re also great for long car journeys. Make sure your child is familiar with it before you go – treat it as something special, like a holiday gift. There are travel potties that double as travel cases – this will get them excited for using the potty on their holiday adventures.

Tip #7. Familiarity

Bring some home comforts to their potty training routine while you’re away – a certain toy, a book they like to look at on the potty, a hand soap they might associate with home. Find ways to make their toilet routine more recognisable to them.

Tip #8. Huggies® Pull-Ups®

There may be a few more little accidents while you are away, but your child doesn’t have to lose their confidence. Huggies® Pull-Ups® will support them on their training journey. They look and feel like real underwear, so they’ll grow in independence, and they’ll also help your little one learn wet from dry, while being protected at the same time.

Tip #9. Fun

Make using the potty in different places an adventure, and you’ll be amazed how much their potty confidence will grow. It’s a win-win!

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