Huggies® Extra Care Sensitive Baby Wipes

Our thickest baby wipe. They’re ideal for gently cleaning your delicate skin, baby.

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Featuring four skincare properties

Made with 99% pure water

Our thickest ever wipes

As soft as cotton wool and water


Why choose Huggies® Extra Care Sensitive baby wipes?

Baby, your skin is delicate, and you need a gentle, sensitive baby wipe that’s safe to use from Day One.

Approved by the British Skin foundation, Huggies® Extra Care Sensitive baby wipes feature four skincare properties to clean, comfort, rebalance PH** and help protect against skin irritation.

Their cushiony texture also makes them ideal for cleaning your delicate skin, baby.

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**Lab test of Kimberly-Clark Corp., June 2022, USA.


What’s in our Huggies® Extra Care SensitiveWipes?

Hey, baby, wondering what we put in our baby wipes?


Commonly known as water. Helps remove impurities from your skin.

Butoxy PEG-4 PG⁠-⁠Amodi­methicone (Silicon)

Helps the wipe glide across the skin.

Malic Acid

Found in common fruits.

Sodium Benzoate

A preservative that blocks the growth of bacteria inside the pack.

Caprylyl Glycol

A skin conditioning agent. Conditions to help soothe delicate skin.


Derived from coconuts. Helps clean impurities from your skin.

Poly­sorbate 20

Helps clean impurities from skin.

Sodium Citrate

Found in common fruits.

Pent­aeryth­rityl Tetra⁠-⁠di⁠-⁠t-⁠butyl Hydroxy­hydro­cinna­mate

An antioxidant. Helps keep the wipe looking fresh.

Baby, say hello to our most caring baby wipe

Huggies® Extra Care Sensitive Wipes gently care for your delicate skin while being tough enough to help deal with everyday messes.

Extra thick, a cushiony texture and featuring four skincare properties to clean, comfort, and protect against skin irritation: what’s not to love?

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