Tried and tested dry skin remedies for babies

What dry skin solutions worked for your baby?

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Tried and tested dry skin remedies for babies

What dry skin solutions worked for your baby?

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Does chamomile tea in the bath for itchy skin really work? Best oil for cradle cap? Our parents had some great recommendations*. Here are your favourites.

*Remember every baby is unique. What works for a friend’s little one might not work for yours. Trial and error will help you find the best solution. If your baby has sensitive skin, always try a patch test first.

Creams and lotions for your baby’s dry skin

  1. Dermal 500 is magic. We use it twice a day on my baby’s body and three to four times a day on his face in the winter. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before putting it on. Neal’s Yard Baby Balm is also a great protective barrier for sensitive cheeks when going outside in the cold - it stops them getting red and dry.” Laura

  2. Oilatum really worked for us.” Melissa

  3. Child’s Farm helped my baby's skin.” Holly

  4. “My little one (now three years old) has had super-sensitive skin since she was a baby. After trying out a few, we’re now happy using Aveeno Soothing Relief as a daily body lotion (twice a day) and Cetraben cream for dry patches (three or four times a day). In addition, I use Weleda’s Skin Food on my little one’s face.” Isabelle

  5. “We give our baby baths only every two to three days and Aveeno emollient cream has been working well for us – better, in fact, than Hydrocortisone cream.” Constanze

  6. “Our daughter had very bad eczema all over her body from three months on. We have managed this by cutting down to just one bath per week, Zerobase Emollient Cream three times a day, Oilatum Junior Bath Emollient in the bath and Balmonds Skin Salvation as a barrier for those stubborn areas.” Rufina

  7. “I used Hydrocortisone ointment from my GP, along with Epimax Cream. It’s the only stuff that’s worked with our baby’s stubborn eczema.” Daniella

  8. “My baby used to get dry skin. The doctor said it was a bit of eczema and to keep moisturising. I kept using Child’s Farm moisturiser a couple of times a day, stopped using bubble bath and eventually it went away.” Zoe

  9. “A mix of Oilatum, Aveeno and E45 products has been the best for my little one - we use the Oilatum bath additive, the Aveeno baby emollient cream and the E45 anti-itch cream. This regime has worked better than the steroid creams prescribed by the GP.” Minal

  10. “We used a cream called Dermatique, which worked wonders on my daughter’s dry patches and eczema. It is expensive but it’s worth it.” Sophie

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Natural alternatives to help your baby's dry skin

  1. “I bath my baby in chamomile tea for dry, itchy skin, it’s the best thing ever.” Andrea

  2. “I teach baby massage and I use a cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil. So many parents have told me that it’s been great for dry skin and cradle cap in their babies and I also used it on my baby's dry skin.” Penelope

  3. “Almond oil was recommended to us by midwives and antenatal teachers.” Karen

  4. “I’ve used Bria Organics for myself and my son when we have bouts of eczema.” Theresa

  5. “My son was born with extremely dry skin and natural coconut oil worked like magic for us. He is three years old now, but we still use it as a moisturiser when his skin gets dry.” Agnes

  6. “Pour an organic camomile infusion into the bath water and after patting, not rubbing, your baby dry, massage in either an organic raw coconut oil or organic sweet almond oil (preferably food-grade, if your baby is in the phase of putting their fingers in their mouth).” Maria

  7. “A paste made from oats and olive oil cleared my son’s eczema when he was a baby. This was from a tip from a stranger who approached me on the street - she was a mum of four! It worked when nothing else did.” Lou

  8. “Chamomile oil in the bath, from birth, shea butter and coconut oils to moisturise our baby’s face and hair.” Alina

  9. “Smooth coconut oil onto wet or damp skin. It’s also great for any kind of nappy redness or itching.” Trudy

  10. “Natural shea butter is amazing; I buy it by the block.” Vanessa

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