When can babies go to the beach?

Get your bucket and spade ready, it’s time to make the most of the sunny weather and get you and your little one down to the beach. But when exactly can a baby go to the beach? Learn this and more to make those first seaside trips days to remember.

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Baby At Beach

When can babies go to the beach?

Get your bucket and spade ready, it’s time to make the most of the sunny weather and get you and your little one down to the beach. But when exactly can a baby go to the beach? Learn this and more to make those first seaside trips days to remember.

5 min read

All you need to know to make those first beach trips ones to remember.

When to take your baby to the beach

Can I take my 3 month old to the beach?
Joe, Dad to Rory


A great question. The good news is there’s no age limit for a beach trip! Exposure to the natural world, the benefits of sunshine, the effects of sea air, and the sounds of waves at naptime mean the seaside can have a positive impact from an early age. But there are important things to consider before you plan on taking your baby to the beach.

4 ways to stay safe on the beach with your baby

You want to make sure that when you and your newborn go to the beach for the first time, it’s as safe as possible. Here are a few tips on how you can protect them.

Go early or later in the day

This will mean you avoid the sun at its hottest (11am-3pm). Protect your baby with a wide brim hat, sun umbrella, full-body UV rash suit and, of course, a quality sunscreen suitable for babies. Baby sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30. Apply 15 minutes before they’re out in the sun and reapply after a dip in the sea. You can never be too careful!

Never leave your baby anywhere near water unattended

Even if they have had a few baby swim lessons, your little one will be far from a competent swimmer at this age. Always monitor them while they are playing near the water.

Be careful of the sand

Sand can be fascinating to a baby, but it can also contain sharp stones, glass and rubbish left behind or swept in by the tide, so keep a watchful eye. Waterproof shoes help, especially if sand gets hot.

Keep aware of where your little one is

Beaches are one big playground for little ones. A mobile toddler can cover a lot of ground–so don’t take your eyes off them!

What to take to the beach with a baby: 8 essentials

So now you know what age a baby can go to the beach and how to keep them safe, you’re ready to go, right? But what should you bring with you?

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  1. Sunscreen – a quality brand that’s at least SPF 30 and suitable for baby’s sensitive skin.
  2. Sun hat – pick a style with a wide brim to shade your baby’s neck and eyes.
  3. Huggies® Little Swimmers® to take care of any little accidents, made with an absorbent material that doesn’t swell in water.
  4. Beach parasol or tent – shade is really important to provide young children with some much-needed shelter from the sun.
  5. Change of clothes – pack clean, dry clothes and a few extra layers.
  6. Towels – one to sit on, one to dry with.
  7. Drinks and snacks – plenty of liquid, especially on a warm day, and a good supply of snacks to replenish your busy beach baby.
  8. Wipes – useful for cleaning up after a roll in the sand, a sticky ice cream and, of course, a nappy change.

6 nice-to-haves to take to the beach with your newborn

Ok, you have the essentials, but what else should you bring (if you have the room)?

  1. Swimwear – the fun Disney graphics on a pair of Huggies® Little Swimmers® mean swimwear is not essential, but a cute cossie will help cover your baby’s delicate skin.
  2. A UV rash suit is a practical way to protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s rays (you’ll still need to use sunscreen).
  3. A bucket and spade, ball and other durable toys for extra entertainment.
  4. Big blanket, with room for everyone to stretch out and relax.
  5. Camera to record those magical beach outings!
  6. Waterproof footwear to protect little feet from sharp stones and hot sand.

5 beach games to play with toddlers

We all love to have fun at the beach, especially our resident parents. Here’s some of their go-to beach activities to play on your next visit:

Sand art

Use fingers, a stick or a spade to draw lines and shapes in the sand. Start with familiar shapes to get your little one’s interest, then encourage them to have a go.

Catch me if you can!

A game of running, carrying or toddling from the incoming waves will provide endless fun for a squealing tot, especially when someone gets wet!

Treasure hunt

Bury shells, pebbles and other beach objects together for your little one to uncover by digging them up with their hands or a spade. Remember - X marks the spot!

Sand sculptures

Let your imagination run wild! You don’t even need a bucket and spade, just use your hands. Wet sand holds better than dry sand and beach finds, such as shells and feathers, make great decorations.

Beach bingo

Take your tot in search of different objects and animals that can be found on the beach. Decide what you’re going to look for and then shout ‘bingo!’ when you make your discovery.

Parent hacks that make going to the beach with your baby a breeze!

Parent hack #1 Start with shorter trips

We never did more than a few hours at a time on the beach when the babies were little. Less to pack, less exposure to the sun, and I could still stick to their sleep routines. 

Parent hack #2 Try bringing a blow-up paddling pool

Don’t leave home without a small blow-up paddling pool and a beach umbrella. It helped our newly crawling son keep cool and stop him putting sand in his mouth.

Parent hack #3 A buggy for the beach, not a beach buggy

We always found taking our buggy to the beach useful for loading up the bags and weary babies – but remember to drag them backwards across the sand, not forwards! 

Parent hack #4 Use cornflour to make cleaning up easier

A nursery teacher we knew suggested using cornflour to remove sand from your toddler’s legs and arms. It dries the skin so it’s easy to wipe the sand off. It worked for us.

Parent hack #5 Ice blast their meals

For hot days, I would stick their food pouches in the freezer the night before – they would go nice and slushy by the time we got to the beach (which helped with sore gums when they were teething too).


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