Our goals

Tiny steps can lead to big changes, baby. Here’s what we’ll be doing to care for the environment while you’re busy growing up.

By 2024

  • We’ll make all Huggies® wipes 100% plastic free

By 2025

  • Our packaging will be recyclable in your home recycling bin

By 2030

  • We will halve our environmental footprint:

    • By reducing our carbon emission and water consumption

    • And reducing the amount of fossil-based plastic we use

Your parents can help by taking three tiny steps

Never flush baby wipes down the toilet

Recycle packaging wherever possible

Follow us on our sustainability journey

Huggies® Natural Biodegradable

Huggies® Natural Biodegradable are plastic free and contain 99% pure water. You can recycle the packaging at plastic bag collection points in larger supermarkets, meaning they are good for the earth and good for you too, baby.

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